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Nanotesla Sensor

Nanotesla sensor can detect magnetic field changes 1/50000 orders of magnitude smaller than the earth's magnetic field.

Cancels static magnetic fields like the earth's magnetic field and detects the magnetic fields caused when microscopic magnets move.

In use as sensor to detect microscopic ferrous foreign substances.

                                               Noise Spectrum



Model No. MI-CB-1DH
Supply voltage 5.0V (Typ.)
Detecting range 4.0 μTpp(at +/-40 μT DC field)
Sensitivity 1V/μT
Frequency response 0.1Hz to 1kHz  @ -3dB
Output linearity Less than 2%FS
Noise  200pT/1σ (1Hz to 1kHz )
Size  35mm×11mm
Operating current single type 15mA; multi type 6mA


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