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Magnetic Field Canceler/Simulator  "PalmGauss" Q&A


1.Pre-purchase considerations

Q) What power source is required? 

 A) Voltage: AC90 ~ 240V (50/60Hz)

   Consumption: less than 400(V・A)


Q) Is it possible to use immediately? 

A) Please supply the following: 

  ・A PC. (Specifications listed in User Manual) 

  ・A wooden stand

Q) I want to know if I can fit the object I want to measure inside the coil. 

A) The dimensions of the openings in the coil are as follows: 

Fig.1. PG opening dimensions

Q) How should the item I want to measure be placed in the PalmGauss?

A) Prepare a jig so that the item can be placed within 70mm of the geometric centre (see diagram below) of the PlamGauss. A clear plastic board is provided as a measurement stage  so small items can be placed in the center for measurement. The + signs are provided as a guide to the ideal area. 

Fig. 2 PG measurement stage

Q) Is it possible to transport items directly into the measurement area in a factory? 

A) Please use a transportation system made with non-magnetic materials (aluminium, brass) . Place any motors as far away from the PalmGauss as possible. 

Q) What are is required to set up the system? 

A) Please see the example set up below. 

      Dimensions of wooden stand:  1500mm x 700mm

Fig. 3 PG set up

Q) What are the weights and dimensions of the coils? 

A) Dimensions: 540 X 480 X 540mm

  Weight: 21.5kg


Q) What are the weights and dimensions of the control box? 

A) Dimensions: 260 X 340 X 150mm

  Weight: 5 kg