Notification of Dissolution of Aichi Micro Intelligent Incorporation


Effective June 30, 2020, Aichi Micro Intelligent Corporation will be dissolved.

We thank you for your patronage over the years.

All sales activities will be taken over by the Smart Company Sensor Business Department of Aichi Steel Corporation.

We look forward to your continued business.

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MI Sensor

Innovative Magnetic Sensor

Ultra High Sensitive Sensor Utilizing Unique Technology

The MI Sensor is a new type of magnetic sensor with 4 unique features

Ultra High Sensitivity: Bio-Magnetic signals can be detected and theoretically possible to detect fT(FemtoTesla) 

Ultra Fast Response: 100kHz Reponse time possible

Ultra Low Power Consumption: Pulse Drive allows for high sensitivity with low power consumption

Ultra Compact: Microscopic element allows for small size 

Electronic Compass

Over 140 million electronic compasses utilizing MI technology have been implemented in products worldwide.

Highly sensitive magnetic Sensor

Our highly sensitive magnetic sensors can be battery operated at ambient temperatures, allowing for scientific research and industrial usage. 

Evaluation Equipment

We have developed superior evaluation equipment utilizing our expertise in MI sensor technology.